Massimiliano Saieva MasterClass
Massimiliano Saieva pioneer of the Roman pizza in U.S.A, now in Madrid with his Accademia di Pizza Stile Romana ASR pizzaLab.

Welcome to the Accademia di Pizza Stile Romana specialized school by Massimiliano Saieva !!

Where we offer professional courses dedicated to the art of Roman Pizza, specifically Pizza al Taglio and Pizza alla Pala.

Led by the esteemed teacher Massimiliano Saieva

Our academia di pizza stile romana :

Provides a comprehensive learning experience centered around the process and techniques of making pizza on tray.

From understanding the intricacies of dough preparation to mastering the art of selecting delicious toppings, our courses offer invaluable insights and hands on training.

Join us at ASR PizzaLab and embark on a culinary journey guided by the expertise of Massimiliano Saieva.

Discover our international academy located in:

Madrid, New York and Montreal, offering a range of face to face, online and recorded courses.

At our academy, we ensure a high quality learning experience where you can delve into the world of Roman pizza.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business ,

or improve your current company’s offerings , our expert guidance will assist you every step of the way.

We Provide personalized advice and support, including assistance with business openings and ongoing follow up even after course completion.

Join us at ASR PizzaLab and elevate your pizza making skills to new heights.

Accademia di Pizza Stile Romana by Massimiliano Saieva
We offer everything you might need to open your own pizza shop or business, including pizza training, certification, ingredients, equipment and tools.