Roman Pizza Courses.

ASR PizzaLab establishes itself as a one-stop shop for those looking to learn more about Roman Style Pizza

We have selected our favorite recorded version of the Face-to-face and live online classes.

We create lessons with detailed information for you to learn the Roman Pizza technique where you can apply the only dough for different styles.

Once you purchase a Roman Style Pizza course, you can view it as often as you like, as many times as you like and do all necessary practices for thirty days.

You will learn the best technique of a dough for multiple styles, with which you will be able to open your own business, or improve your current product if you are a home baker, or participate in the best competitions around the world carrying the best Roman product!

We give you the technique and tools to get where you want!


Roman Style Pizza course is for you !

Master Chef of Roman Style Pizza, Massimiliano Saieva, offers “Pizza in Teglia” (by the Pan),“Pizza in Pala” & “Pinsa Romana” (Pizza Peel)

Consulting Services: Live, On-Site, Recorded Courses and Start Up on site traveling to your City.

All though the lens of the most recognized Roman style pizza Master, member of the World Pizza Champion Team, Member of the UNESCO Pizza Team, Mentioned in the most famous Pizza and Bread books of the world, Ambassador of the most famous oven and flour Companies and Judge of World Pizza Competitions.


Massimiliano Teaches his Students the same technique he teaches Michelin Star Chefs or World Pizza Champions Chefs:
He will teach you how to Achieve the Highest Quality and Consistency Using his Winning formula .
With Massimiliano you can learn the Art of Roman pizza in a few days, a discipline that normally takes years to master.

You will be the true Star of the Show, there will be no more heroes, Maximilian promises that you and only You will become with his unique technique and Know how a true Roman Pizza Master.


No more stress, Massimiliano will give you with his Restaurant Consulting Services:

1 • Concept Development
2 • Recipes Development
3 • On-Site training
4• Dough Doctoring