Roman Pizza Dough

Works by Massimiliano Saieva

Roman Pizza Dough: Massimiliano Saieva focuses on teaching the art of preparing the perfect Roman style pizza Dough.

Maestro Massimiliano Saieva is a renowned chef and expert in the art of Roman Pizza making.

He has traveled around the world, sharing his knowledge and teaching his unique formula for crafting authentic Roman style pizzas.

Her are some of the key aspects of his work and the techniques he teaches:

He emphasizes the importance of using high quality ingredients and paying attention to precise measurements and ratios.

His dough recipe typically involves a combination of flour, water, yeast, EVO and salt, with a specific hydration level to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

These are some of our students around the world, thanks to you we can cross borders taking the wonderful world of Roman Pizza to every corner of the planet.

Pomodoro Costa – Lima Perú

Renzo Costa

Exitoso empresario peruano.

Podcast – USA

Peter Reinhart

American baker, educator and author. He is most known for writing Bread Revolution, American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza, The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking and The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. Four of his books have been nominated for James Beard Awards, with three of them winning, including the “Book of the Year” in 2002 for The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.

Roman Pizza Peter Reinhart Pizza Romana
Roman Pizza Donato de Santis Pizza Romana

Pizza Paradiso – Argentina

Donato De Santis

Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana Judge Master Chef Argentina.

Papagiani – Perú 🇵🇪

Hugo and Sandra Plevisani .

Actor and Restaurants Owner.

Roman PIzza Pizza Romana Peru
Roman Pizza Francisco Migoya Pizza in Teglia

The Modernist Cuisine – USA

Francisco Migoya.

Professor of pastry at the Culinary Institute of America and now Head Chef of Modernist Cuisine Book.

World Pizza Champions – USA

World Pizza Champions Roman Pizza Pizza in Teglia Pizza Romana
Roman Pizza Pizza in Teglia Pizza Romana

Andolini’s Pizzeria – USA

Jim and Mike Bausch

Top ten highest rated Pizzeria in the U.S

10 places in the U.S worth traveling to for pizza.

Best Pizza in Oklahoma.

Ernesto Lanusse – Argentina

Doli Irigoyen and Ernesto Lanusse

Owner of one of the first mobile gourmet food restaurants (Nómade) and president of the Argentine Association of Food Trucks.

Roman Pizza 
Pizza in Teglia
Pizza Romana
Roman Pizza 
Pizza in Teglia
Pizza Romana

Las Vegas / Pizza Expo Demo – USA

Tony Gemignani and Tiziano Casillo.

Vincenzo Capuano – Italy

Owner of the Vincenzo Capuano Pizzeria , Ambassador of Neapolitan Pizza at Expo Milano.

Roman Pizza
Pizza in Teglia
Pizza Romana
Roman Pizza
Pizza in Teglia
Pizza Romana

Our Roman Pizza World Champions,

Giuseppe Manco. World Champion Pizza in Teglia. Las Vegas.

Derek Sanchez World Champion Pizza In Teglia & Pala. Las Vegas and AC.

Lars Smith – World Champion Pizza Maker. Top American Score and 5th in the World at the World Pizza Championship in Parma Italy.

Issam Halawi – World Champion Pizza in Teglia. Las Vegas.

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