Gourmet Advanced Class


This course includes:

  • Tomato and Cherry Tomato Base
  • Eggplant Base / Mushroom Base
  • Crostino Romano
  • Pizza Bianca / Double Pizza Bianca
  • Toppings / Gourmet 5


Equipments needed for the Course:

1. deck oven gas or electric able to reach at least 350C.
(No Neapolitan Pizza ovens).
2. spiral mixer one speed with at least 180RPM or spiral mixer 2 speed with second speed at least of 180RPM.


Gourmet Advanced Class

•Baking pizza bases with Vegetables, Crostini Pizzas, Baciata Bianca, Stuffed Baciata pizza and using toppings for Bianca base and tomato pizza base. 

•We’ll make for you a Roman pizza menu and we’ll explain the different ways to sell and serve the pizza.


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