The World Pizza Champions team has grown into a U.S. based non-profit, multinational group made up of elite pizza professionals. Through international competition, educational outreach, public demonstrations, and community-based service the team is dedicated to promoting pizza making as a respected craft and viable career choice

Today the “Compagnia Mercantile d’Oltremare” is present all over the world with its brands and products, and thanks to the work of the Cutolo brothers and Lino’s son, Costantino, it continues to grow and expand.

Women in Pizza is a movement that empowers women in the pizza industry to share their stories, display their talents, inspire innovations, and connect with one another and the world. Their contribution to the pizza community has and will continue to be vital to the advancement of the pizza industry.

The New York Pizza Festival: Home Edition will be our first virtual national, star-studded, 2-day event showcasing the talents of the most renowned US Pizza Makers, Chefs, and culinary personalities! Join our community of passionate pizza lovers and accomplished pizza pros (those who live for pizza and those who live off pizza!)! It will be a weekend full of educational and fun content for all involved!

Caputo 1924 The Mill of Naples.

Since 1924, Caputo has ground wheat with generosity and passion so as offer professionals and baking connoisseurs the very best in quality flour, produced with great respect for the raw ingredients and traditions.

They have always select and mixed the best wheat in the tradition of the ancient art of milling, following a slow grinding process. This Method permit to obtain high quality flours preserving the starch, the organoleptic properties and most of all, the authenticity of the flavour.

Orlando Food Sales

Is a third generation food importing company. Highly specialized in the importation and distribution of the best Flour, Tomatoes, oil, bufala mozzarella, pasta and vegetables in oil from Italy.

Their reach is felt across the USA working with foodservice distributors and restaurateurs to supply, educate and train this segment on the best Italy has to offer. Orlando Foods choose to work with fewer products which complement each other, in order to be experts in this field and to bring the greatest possible value to our customers. They have a history in the tradition of Italian foods, starting in 1948, with no signs of slowing.

Marco Fuso, the Italian multi award winning Neapolitan pizza chef in the United Kingdom and the rest of European countries.