Finally the best Roman pizza Academy in New York

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The courses are at Taglio Pizza 85 Mineola Blvd, Mineola NY 11501

with a double concept ONLINE and face-to-face for practice.

Roman Basic Course

Our Roman Style Pizza academy basic course is oriented for who want to Know more about fermentation and want to prepare products in their pizzeria or home.

For a total of 7 Hours, Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca and Red Besa Cooking.

Roman Full Immersion Course

Our Roman Style Pizza Academy Full course is oriented for those who need complete training to open their own business; and to professionals who already have their business and want to improve their product.

For a total of 14 hours. Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca – Red Base Cooking/ Gourmet recipes / Crostino /
Base vegetables / Calzoni / Pizza Baciata / Sales strategy.

Top number of students per class 5 .

For a total of 2 days that can be chosen between Saturdays / Sunday or Sunday / Monday.


Courses vary slightly depending on the Roman style you choose from our availability calendar.

  • Learn how to make Roman-style pizza dough – Learn to use the mixer – Learn about proofing and fermentation – Learn the correct sequence of water, salt, olive oil, yeast and formula, and to determine the temperature / weight ratio of the dough in relation to your specific geographic location – Learn how to use the oven – Learn how to make: pizza focaccia, pizza crostino, pizza with vegetables and tomato sauce, 20 special pizza recipes – Internship in a fully operational Pizza al Taglio pizzeria (for the duration of the training). – Learn to design your restaurant: keys to success. T
  • Complete list of recommended ingredients, equipment and tools needed to make a “Roman style pizza” – Manual on how to open a Roman pizzeria by Massimiliano Saieva – Your instructor’s phone number for follow-up questions up to 60 days after course completion.
  • The course also includes two FREE remote consulting sessions after the course.

All courses are scheduled based on instructor and student availability.

Please contact us to check availability.