Finally the best Roman Style Pizza Academy in Montreal.

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Our Roman Style Pizza Academy courses are at 413 Beaumont Ave,

Montreal Quebec H3N1T6.

with a double concept ONLINE and face-to-face for practice.

Basic Course

Specifically oriented for who want to Know more about fermentation and want to prepare products in their pizzeria or home.

For a total of 7 Hours, Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca and Red Besa Cooking.

Full Immersion Course

Specifically oriented for those who need complete training to open their own business.

Mondays and Tuesday for a total of 14 Hours, Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca and Red Base Cooking / Gourmet recipes / Crostino / Base Vegetables / Calzoni / Pizza Baciata / Sales Strategy.

Roman Style Pizza Academy in Montreal


Courses vary slightly depending on the Roman style you choose from our availability calendar.

  • Specifically learn how to make Roman style pizza dough – Learn to use the mixer – Learn about proofing and fermentation – Learn the correct sequence of water, salt, olive oil, yeast and formula, and to determine the temperature / weight ratio of the dough in relation to your specific geographic location – Learn how to use the oven – Learn how to make: pizza focaccia, pizza crostino, pizza with vegetables and tomato sauce, 20 special pizza recipes – Internship in a fully operational Pizza al Taglio pizzeria (for the duration of the training). – Learn to design your restaurant: keys to success. T
  • Complete list of recommended ingredients, equipment and tools needed to make a Roman style pizza Manual on how to open a Roman pizzeria by Massimiliano Saieva – Your instructor’s phone number for follow-up questions up to 60 days after course completion.
  • The course also includes two FREE remote consulting sessions after the course.

Roman Style Pizza courses are scheduled based on instructor and student availability.

Please contact us to check availability.