Join our international Roman Style Pizza academy and take part in our specialization courses in “Pizza al Taglio”

We offer comprehensive training in three languages :

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Our full Immersion course cover:

  1. Pizza al taglio preparation techniques
  2. Dough stretching and shaping for pizza al taglio
  3. Topping selection and arrangement
  4. Baking methods for perfect crust and toppings
  5. Sauce and seasoning recipes for pizza by slice
  6. Creative and traditional slice flavors
  7. Presentation and serving tips
  8. Handling high volume orders
  9. Profitability and business strategies for pizza al taglio
  10. Hands on practice and feedback from experienced instructors.

Expand your culinary skills and become proficient in the art of making delectable Roman Style pizza al Taglio.

Enroll now to join our academy and start your journey towards pizza perfection.

In Madrid we offer courses of ONE , TWO and THREE days, depending on the experience and needs of your business.

All courses take place at Calle Ponzano 93 with Maestro Massimiliano Saieva from 8:00 to 14:00

You can book directly on the calendar according to availability.

International Roman Style Pizza Academy in Madrid

En Madrid ofrecemos cursos de pizza Romana al corte de 1, 2 y 3 días dependiendo de la experiencia y necesidades de tu negocio.

Todos los cursos tienen lugar en Calle Ponzano 93 con el Maestro Massimiliano Saieva de 8:00 a 14:00

Puedes reservar directamente en el calendario según disponibilidad.

En nuestros cursos de Pizza Romana o al Corte hablamos Spanish, English and Italian.

Basic Course

Specifically oriented for who want to know more about fermentation and want to prepare products in their pizzeria or home.
For a total of 6 hours. Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca and Red Base Cooking.

Intermediate Course

Specifically oriented to professionals who already have their business and want to improve their product.
For a total of 12 hours. Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca – Red Base Cooking / Gourmet recipes

Full Immersion Course

Specifically oriented for those who need complete training to open their own business.
For a total of 18 hours. Includes:

Theory / Dough / Dough Balls / Bianca – Red Base Cooking/ Gourmet recipes / Crostino / Base vegetables / Pizza alla pala / Calzoni / Pizza Baciata / Panini + Sales strategy.

If you have any questions you can contact us by Whatsapp button or via email to: and we will answer you as soon as possible during working hours. 

“Un opera d’arte culinaria.”


“Non sforni pizze… Ma capolavori “

Cesare Catalano.

Your pizza should spread internationally like wild fire .”


Congrats ! I’m glad I was able to learn from you.” 🙏🏻 Grazie mio grande insegnante e amico.