Masterclass in New York

The upcoming date for the Masterclass in New York is January 14th, with Massimiliano Saieva and Rob Cervoni.

Join our Full immersion Class in New York City ! Discover the art of crafting authentic Roman Style pizzas from Scratch.

Immerse yourself in a hands on experience led by expert chefs and embrace the secrets of creating mouthwatering pizzas with a crispy, thin crust and exquisite toppings.

Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or a culinary adventure, this class will transport you to the streets of Rome and leave you with the skills to recreate these delectable pizzas at home.

Reserve your spot today and savor the taste of Italy in the big Apple !.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now and get ready for a truly immersive and delicious experience. Join us and let the flavors of Rome transport you to the Eternal City right here in New York !.

If you are in the USA you can book One or Two days through VENMO to Rob Cervoni:

Rob Cervoni

We’ll start at 8:30am and we’ll be finishing around 3:30pm. 

The address is: Taglio Pizza, 85 Mineola Blvd, Mineola NY 11501.

The cost is :

$1300 x student. ( One Day)

Course content:

  • Essential elements for making Roman pizza.
  • Theory and fermentation process.
  • Chemistry of highly hydrated Roman dough.
  • Use of the 2-speed spiral mixer with dough breaker making 80% Hydro dough.
    •The secrets of Dual Temp ovens and Gas
  • Shaping Dough-balls.
  • Stretching.
    •learning how to use roman pan grippers.
  • Baking all Roman pizzas bases: pizza bianca, tomato, Vegetables, Crostini, Pizza in Pala.
    •Gourmet Roman Pizzas.
  • Procedures Manual with: theory, Dough formulas, oven settings, gourmet pizzas recipes, Inventory of equipments and tools for opening a Roman Pizzeria. 

After the course we’ll keep in touch being sure that you are doing everything right in your establishment.