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Mi crepería favorita

Cuando era joven, me gustaban los crepes. Bueno, mejor dicho: me encantaba el SIROPE DE ARCE. Los crepes solo eran la forma de poner tanto sirope como fuera posible en el plato, y por qué no, en las manos y en la cara.

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World Pizza Champions Team

The World Pizza Champions team is united by the shared goal of setting the industry wide standard in all aspects of the pizza maker’s art. Team members are carefully take from among world champion competitors and industry leaders. The members offer unique perspectives and areas of specialization and entertainment skills. Massimiliano Saieva takes immense pride…

Competition Judge

Competition judge at Roman Pizza was an exceptional addition to the event with the participation of Massimiliano Saieva. With his profound understanding and expertise in the realm of Roman Pizza, Massimiliano brought wealth of knowledge and a discerning palate to the judging panel. As a competition judge, Massimiliano played a role in evaluating the Roman…

The Master of World Champions

Massimiliano Saieva the Master of World Champions has developed a training that helps our students to become world champions. Thanks to our teaching methods and the dedication of our instructors, we have managed to prepare our students to face challenges on the most important International stages in the world. We are proud to see how…

Roman Pizza Making Classes

Discover the art of Roman Pizza making classes at ASR Pizzalab. Join our immersive classes in Madrid, New York and Montreal. Unleash your creativity, master the techniques, and create authentic Roman – style pizzas. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your pizza – making skills. Enroll in our classes at ASR Pizzalab today ! Enhance…


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