World Pizza Champions Team

The World Pizza Champions team is united by the shared goal of setting the industry wide standard in all aspects of the pizza maker’s art.

Team members are carefully take from among world champion competitors and industry leaders.

The members offer unique perspectives and areas of specialization and entertainment skills.

Massimiliano Saieva takes immense pride in being a part of the group of world pizza champions, representing the United States.

His dedication to perfecting the rich flavors and techniques of this style.

Massimiliano’s WPC info.

As member of the world champion team, Massimiliano Saieva embraces the responsibility of the legacy of Roman – Style pizza;

both honoring its roots and pushing boundaries to captivate pizza enthusiasts worldwide.

With his skills, expertise and unwavering commitment,

Massimiliano Saieva continues to elevate the reputation of the United States in the realm of pizza making,

Inspiring fellow pizzaiolos and delighting palates with his exceptional creations.

He has not only achieved great success as world champion team himself but has also taken on the role of dedicated teacher.

With a deep passion for the art of pizza making, sharing his knowledge with pizzaiolos.

including current and future world champions.

Through workshops, masterclass and mentorship programs.

To learn more about Massimiliano Saieva’s teaching and how he has influenced the next generation of world champions click here.

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