The Master of World Champions

Massimiliano Saieva the Master of World Champions has developed a training that helps our students to become world champions.

Thanks to our teaching methods and the dedication of our instructors, we have managed to prepare our students to face challenges on the most important International stages in the world.

We are proud to see how our students have participated in different world championships and have shown their ability and talent in Roman Pizza Style.

We’ll work hard to help our students reach their goals and achieve their dreams of becoming the best in their field.

You now have a golden opportunity to learn directly with the master of the world champions .

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Where you you’ll receive personalized guidance and mentorship from one of the best in Roman Pizza Style.

Recorded Courses

Congratulations to our student Cristina Smith 1ST Place in Non Traditional AND Best Roman at the Northeast Pizza Expo.

World Pizza Champion in Parma Italy Massimiliano’s Student

Lars Smith participated in the three-day Master class with Maestro Massimiliano Saieva

He competed in the world pizza championship in Parma Italy, obtaining the top score of any American in the competition

Also 5th overall in the pizza in Pala category.

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